What’s the cost of Air duct cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning Milwaukee - Duct cleaning with power brushIf you’re concerned about conditions of your indoor air If you’re concerned about the air quality inside your home, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that most of the dirt and dust in air ducts sticks to the edges of the ducts, and doesn’t necessarily make it into the house in the air where it can be breathed. The EPA suggests that the ducts be cleaned whenever there is evidence of growing mold in the air ducts, or on other areas of the cooling and heating system. Another reason to consider air duct cleaning include those whose ducts display evidence of an infestation by rodents or insects infestation, if the ducts are clearly blocked by dirt, dust and other debris; or if particulates and dust are released into the living area that they could inhale. Based on HomeAdvisor Air duct cleaning can cost anywhere between $270 and $490 with the average being $370. It is suggested that air cleaning of ducts should be performed as often as is needed at intervals of 5 to seven years. The main factors that influence cost of cleaning ducts are how dirty the ductwork is, the dimension of the ductwork, accessibility to the duct system as well as the quantity of vents. It is suggested that air duct cleaning services be attentive to every part that comprise the air ducting system including the heat exchanger, the blower drain pan, coils and the plenum.

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