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Home security includes both people’s personal security practices and the security hardware installed in a home. Security hardware generally includes motion detectors, dead bolts, alarms, doors, windows, and video surveillance systems. It can also include home surveillance cameras such as hidden and visible types. Some home security services include additional equipment that may not be as common such as a panic button, telephone dialers, and infrared motion sensors.

Motion sensors are designed to detect movement in their area. These sensors are commonly used in conjunction with other types of home security systems such as burglar alarms and medical alert systems. Common motion sensors include passive infrared and ultrasound sensors. Infrared sensors detect heat or movement and ultrasound sensors detect sound. Homeowners should consider purchasing all-in-one infrared and ultrasound sensors when installing a home security system.

An alarm is an easy and affordable way for homeowners to feel more secure about the safety of their home. A monitored alarm system provides monitoring and protection for your alarm system from a remote location. When the alarm is triggered, a local security professional will contact you and the police so that they can investigate the situation. In many cases, all that is required of the homeowner is to press the button. You can choose to have the police notified or just contact your home security professional immediately.

Doors and windows are often the most common entry points for intruders. Many homeowners install door sensors and window sensors that are wireless so that they do not need to be connected to a power source. This makes them less vulnerable to shock or fire damage. Door sensors can be positioned outside or inside each of your doors; however, if you choose to install a sensor outside your garage, you must drill holes in the garage’s floor or wall and place the door sensors in those locations.

When it comes to securing your home with a larger home alarm system, there are many options to choose from. Some sensors are designed to alert you to break-ins using a visual light signal and an audible siren. Other entry points can be protected by using cameras. Cameras that are placed in specific areas such as a backyard or yard may be an effective deterrent against thieves, while cameras that are strategically placed throughout the house can record images and provide details for you or other family members should the need arise. Home Security professionals recommend that you install cameras throughout your home, even in places that are not readily visible from your entry points, in order to increase your home’s overall protection.

With modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, monitored home security systems have become remarkably easy to operate. There is no longer any need to go through the manual process of arming or disarming the system. Instead, simply press a button on the keypad to arm or disarm the system. If an alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent to a monitoring station where trained operators will react quickly and efficiently.

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