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Home Security Features – What You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

Home security involves both the technological security hardware installed in a home and people’s personal protection techniques. Many modern alarms are computer assisted and can be programmed for specific needs. Security hardware typically includes deadbolts, entry-guards, alarm systems, windows, sliding glass doors, security cameras, and motion detectors. While these products are very effective at keeping a home or business safe, they cannot protect everyone who enters the property.

The best option for protection is a combination of technology and tactics. One of the easiest ways to prevent forced entry is to keep doors and windows locked. A burglar who attempts to force an entry will move from room to room trying to find an easy target, he doesn’t care if his final destination is your front door or a window. Having a good lock on all exterior doors and windows makes it harder for burglars to get inside.

A good method for keeping unauthorized entry is with the use of smart home security system sensors. These sensors are installed throughout the perimeter of the property. They detect movement and send a signal to the central control board, which analyzes the data and either triggers or denies the entry. Some sensors allow a person to enter only if he uses a password provided by the alarm company. Other sensors provide a manual entry, but trigger an alarm immediately if the door or window is opened.

Motion detectors are also an important feature of most home automation systems. If an intruder comes into the property when the doors and windows are closed, the detector will pick up any unusual motion. The intruder may trigger an alarm or not. Most starter kits include a set of motion sensors that seem like regular light sensors but are sensitive enough to trigger an alarm.

Most monitored home security systems have cameras as an additional security feature. Most cameras monitor the exterior of the house from a position that is not visible to the intruder. Cameras are often hidden so they are not noticeable from the front entrance. Most cameras also include a digital video recorder, which can be viewed on a television or computer monitor, allowing you to view footage in real time.

A popular security system feature is smart motion detectors that can sense movement and transmit the data to a central monitoring station or DVR. Some DVRs broadcast live footage to a networked computer system that could then be viewed on a TV set or remotely via the internet. With the addition of cameras and sensors to your system, you can be assured that you and your family are safe from harm. For extra peace of mind, you may want to install wireless security cameras, which allow you to add additional security without having to install complex wiring.

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