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Home Security and the Fire Alarm

Total Home Security is a leading provider of home security and emergency services. Protecting property and life has always been company number one since 1946. Ever since the company started in 1946, the fire and safety department has become the backbone of the company. Today, there is no better way to secure your property than with the expertise of this division.

The fire and safety department monitors and evaluates home security in the Atlanta area. They provide fire and smoke detectors, emergency response vehicles, and incident response teams. With an investment in fire and safety you can be sure that if there is a fire, the fire department will be dispatched immediately. This also makes it easier to transport the victim to the hospital and get them medical attention. If a fire occurs in your home, the automatic notification system will send the fire crew and emergency medical services right to your home or place of business, saving precious time.

They also provide the fire department with a rapid response vehicle, which can respond within minutes of the alarm going off. These fully automatic fire and smoke detectors have two-way voice capabilities. This means when an incident occurs, the operator can take commands from either side so they know what to do.

When there is smoke, heat or dangerous gases in the house, these detectors send a signal directly to the safety system. They are connected to a central monitoring station and the operator will receive real-time information on the location and source of the problem. The systems can be monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In the Atlanta area, they have real-time communications capability with police and fire departments. They can send immediate assistance when an incident occurs.

These fire and smoke sensors are fully dependent upon a real-time monitoring service. If power fails, the monitoring service must be functioning. This monitoring service is usually relied upon by firemen and emergency medical services to schedule the proper response. The fire department and the monitoring service mutually benefit each other by informing each other of a potential emergency situation. A qualified technician will be able to read a patient’s vitals and can also assess their abilities if they are in any danger.

If the home is protected by a monitored system, a person would not have to worry about fire being sparked in an unmonitored building. These devices provide extra protection for those who live in the Atlanta area. There is a wide range of options in these security products. From a simple keypad to a-1 fire extinguisher, all of the protection systems available today offer more than just smoke and heat detection. With fire and smoke detection, many new home security systems also include carbon monoxide detection as well.

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